All the bare rooted stock arrives early June. A large range of fruit tree’s and ornamental tree’s are available as well as a large variety of bush and standard rose’s. Orchids and cyclamens are at their best at this time of year and will provide some winter colour.


All the spring blossom tree’s burst open as well as magnolias and lots of other tree’s. Late spring see the roses blooming and the hydrangeas are starting to flower in those shady spots. Its also time to start planting your summer vegies.


We stock a large range of tree’s in all different sizes. Whether you need to screen out the neighbors, plant an orchard, need some shade or want a feature in your garden, come in and see our range.


Need a gift for that special someone? We have a good range of plants that make a great gift. In the warmer months we have a large range of roses, hibiscus, gardenias and plenty of potted colour. During the cooler month’s orchids, cyclamens and other flowering plants are available.


This is the time of the year we get all the bright coloured seedlings like petunias in. Now is the time your vegies will be fruiting. Crepe myrtles, hibiscus and bougainvilleas are also flowering now.


As the weather starts to cool down we start to get all the beautiful autumn colours on the deciduous tree’s like maples. Cyclamens are starting their flowering season that lasts through winter and also make a great gift.


Looking for plants for your pond or water feature? We stock all types including waterlilies, oxygenating plants, grasses etc. We also have ponds, pumps and other accessories to set up your water feature.